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Friends and the Ring of Kerry [Aug. 11th, 2006|10:53 am]
Sorry folks, another quick update.

Yesterday we drove the Ring of Kerry with two other backpackers we met in the campground. Very cool people but more on that in another posting. We made a few stops on the ring, one to photograph a waterfall (I think I took around ten or so pics of the minor falls and stream around it). On to more scenic views around the ring. Beyond all the tourists it was a very picturesque place. We did stop a few more times, but it began to turn to night. As we were roughly half way through the ring, we decided to press on. Driving at night with about six inches on your left with cars and trucks passing you at top speed is OH so much Fun (sarcasm here folks). We did run into a town with the Puck Festival in it, but as we all wanted to get back to camp, we all voted to continue on. We managed to make it back to the campground at the stroke of midnight.
Today we are planning on running out to Dingle and back. Hopefully we will have as much fun on that peninsula as I did on my last trip. More on this later.

Wish us luck.
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More updates [Aug. 9th, 2006|11:46 am]
On Wednesday the 2nd of August we drove to Sligo to say farewell to our former travel partner. She agreed to meet up with us once a week so that we wouldn't worry about her. Anyway something happened and she had to go home early. So she left on Monday for home. Apparently her travel patern across Ireland was very eratic, I'm glad we didn't travel with her, it would have driven me nuts. I don't know how she managed to have any money left by the end of the week.

Last Friday we moved our camp from Corrofin to Cong, where The Quite Man was filmed.

Saturday we drove to Clifden, saw Kylemore Abbey, went to Westport, and saw a gfew rivers and waterfalls.

Sunday we went to a blue flag beach on Achill island and saw Pirates of the Carribean in Ballina. We missed all of the monuments we had planned to see but drove through some of the most startingly beautiful landscape I have ever seen.

Monday we moved our camp to Curragh Chase Forest PArk in Kilcornan Village, Askeaton, Co. Limerick. We drove in to Mungert and picked up some lamb for the grill. That night I made potatoe and carrot soup and grilled lamb with semolina pudding for dinner.

Tuesday we drove to Adare, about 15km away and made an appointment to use the free internet in the library. We toured the village, supposedly the "most charming village in Ireland" and had terrible burgers at the Pink Potatoe" restaurant.

Today we plan to drive up to Shannon and book a place for the 16th and 17th that is not too far from the airport. Then we want to explore Limerick city.

More later,
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Updates [Aug. 1st, 2006|01:25 pm]
Here is a log of everything we've done up 'till now.

July 26th Arrived in Ennis. Stayed at Abbey Tourist Hostel on the river Fergus. Slept. Ate at Brogan's pub. Slept.

July 27th Dropped Kitty off at the bus station because she wanted to go it alone and was more interested in the city scene while we wanted to see the archaeological stuff in the country. Arrived in Doolin. Saw the Cliffs of Moher. Drove up the coast into the Burrens and had sandwiches and soup in an Irishwoman's cottage on the sea.

July 28th Went to Galway to find a camp stove. Tried two different camping stores before being directed to Millet's in the Galway shopping centre. Thought about getting a smaller tent but that would also require a smaller mattress (i.e. single sizes). Decided to stick with our current tent.

July 29th Moved our camp to Corrofin because the winds were so high that our tent nearly blew away. On the way to Corrofin we stopped in the ruins of the old Kilniboy church and had lunch. Went into Ennis and got groceries and to email my folks.

July 30th Went to Bunratty (a recreated Irish village), Craggounowen (a recreation of an ancient Irish settlement, with a Cranog), and found (with a lot of trouble and little help from our tour book) the Parknabina wedge.

July 31st Saw Aillwee cave, Poulnabrone dolmen, and Brigid's well near Doolin.

August 1st We're back in Ennis for a bit, then off to Lisdoonvarna for the hot spring spa.

I'll provide more details from my journals later.

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We're here! [Jul. 27th, 2006|04:19 pm]
Okay, so we got here yesterday morning and had free internet service from the Hostel in Ennis, but had login issues. We are now in Doolin at Nagel Doolin's campground on the Cliffs of Moher. We have a beautiful view of the cliffs from our camp.

Our travel partner decided to go her own way and meet up with us in Sligo. This is a major issue for our budget, as we originally had planned to split the cost of the rental four ways and then had to re-budget for splitting it three ways after canceling our roommate's tickets, now we are in a tight pinch for cash and may be camping in a farmer's field a few nights to save a bit of money.

We are also lugging around a ton of camping gear that we brought because we thought we would need to accommodate her as well as ourselves. If we'd known this is what she was planning, we'd have brought a much smaller tent and only one mattress.

We will figure it out though and we'll have a great time. It just teaches us a valuable lesson about who we choose to travel with.

Today we're off to the Cliffs of Moher, tomorrow we are checking out a few archaeological sites and the day after we may take a ferry to the Aran Islands.

You can post responses here if you'd like and we'll try to respond, but no promises.

Love and Blessings,

Jess & Craig

We'll post again in a few days.
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